Elizabeth is a former scientific researcher who formulated the best dha for pregnancy. She's also responsible for formulation of several other products like an egg white protein powder (it contains nothing but egg!) and the rose toy sexual wellness product (check rose toy price). Now she's turned her attention to writing full time. See what she's up to in her next book!

Don't face reality. Create reality!

E-Squared could best be described as a lab manual with simple experiments to prove once and for all that reality is malleable, that consciousness trumps matter, and that you shape your life with your mind. Rather than take it on faith, you are invited to conduct nine 48-hour experiments to prove there really is a positive, loving, totally hip force in the universe.

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Tapping the Power Within

The revised and expanded 20th-anniversary edition of Iyanla Vanzant's first published work offers a powerful path to self-empowerment through the revitalisation of one's spiritual and ancestral roots. Written with Iyanla's signature healing stories, this classic guide to uniting the spirit and the will teaches that only you have the power to make a change for the better. 

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Solomon Speaks

Why are prominent doctors, quantum physicists and researchers all over the world interested in the seemingly chance encounter that Dr Eric Pearl had with one of his patients? What was it about that encounter that would not only radically accelerate the trajectory of his life, but ultimately affect the lives of millions... and will most likely profoundly affect your life as well? What is this phenomenon?

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The Honeymoon Effect by Dr Bruce Lipton

Lipton explains that this 'Honeymoon Effect' was not a chance event but a personal creation. Just as important, he explains why honeymoons are so often short lived. This book describes how readers manifested the Honeymoon Effect and the reasons they lost it in their lives.

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Stress Free in 30 Days

 Whether your stress is work or home related, this book will introduce techniques to reduce your symptoms, and provides tips to see you through the challenging times. Charles Linden's Stress Free in 30 Days programme is presented here in the most simple, structured and accessible form for people of all ages.

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9781401906788 - Disappearance Of The Universe, The By Gary Renard cd x 4
Disappearance Of The Universe, The By Gary Renard cd x 4
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